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Sign Me Up

Say yes. Sign up for life. We have been given a gift! Please don’t ever forget that.

Animals stay in the moment and do not forget to live fully every day. They even let us do annoying things. Like dress them as humans.

pug in tie

I read a list of ways to enhance your life – and baking was on the list. I fully agree, there is just something soulful about creating something warm in the oven. I think I will try Sweet Paul’s potato chip cookies next.

potato chip cookies

 It’s also time to get cozy. with blankets. and books. and fires. and yourself. LOVE.

cozy time

And scarves. Never leave home without a bitchin one.

Hope you say yes to the miracles that await you.

In the Moment

This very moment is all we have and are guaranteed. I always remind myself of this – and wonder…how can I make today the best?? Oh, there are so many ways. Like spending the extra cash and getting the guacamole, or the whipped cream, or the extra espresso shot. Come on now, no cheapskates allowed. More money will arrive.


Filling that headspace with positive thoughts. Consciously. That’s another way to enhance your experience this very second. And go bake something, for pete’s sake. Thank you Joy the Baker, for the cinnamon sugar popovers. Come over anytime!


 In the moment, when you are tempted to judge another, look in the mirror. Nothing is as simple as it seems.


No matter what, always look fabulous every moment you can. It will kind of make you feel a little better too! In love with these amazing highlighter gel eye pencils by Marc Jacobs.

marc jacobs liner

You are blessed! xo~xo~xo

October Fest

Love October. Halloween. Halloween candy. Pumpkins. It’s a magical time of year. Time to make some pumpkin pie pudding. (Thank you A Beautiful Mess!!)

pumpkin pie pudding

It’s also a time to get a little bolder – in a good way. My girl Shaily is creating and selling these metallic temporary “flash!” tattoos over at Gold Nine Ink. They are sick - in a very good way.

If we can learn one thing from The Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown — it’s that perception is reality. Poor kid had very low expectations (thus the rocks, instead of treats). So…remember to fill that headspace with POSITIVITY. You are amazing. You are special. You will only receive incredible treats. No rocks. That kind of stuff. On another unrelated random note, you must see the trailer for Inherent Vice. CAN NOT WAIT.joaquin

Finally, consider getting scared this month. There are haunted mazes everywhere. It will get that blood flowing. I’ve got my eye on the haunted hayride ( hear that, sis!?)

haunted hayride

Trick or treat.




Honey Thieves

I have a love/hate relationship with bees. I’m allergic to them. But I must save them if I see one drowning in a pool. They are part of nature — and isn’t nature stunning!? This morning the sky was beautiful. Beauty is all around us –


Speaking of beautiful things, a cool black boot is essential for anyone’s wardrobe. I found the PERFECT one this weekend. Going back for the grey ones soon…

edelman grey boots

I’ve been a little obsessed with finger tattoos for some time now. Discovered through my little sis the brilliant Dr. Woo. Insanely talented. Might have to pay him a visit some day.


And speaking of thieves…avocados have stolen my heart, if that’s even possible. I literally eat them every day. Now, avocado fries take happiness to a whole new level. Thank you Food Republic.

avocado fries

Thank you everyone who takes a minute to read this. Wishing you all happy hearts.

The Apple Core

Happy September! I love the idea that Fall is on its way. This means pumpkins, orange, zombies, Halloween. All my faves. My other fave thing to do is to get in touch with my core. There is wisdom there in all of us, if we can access it. Going within is calming. If you are looking for peace, it’s in there too. Lots of figurative treasures to be found. OK, you get it.

Orange is the new everything.

orange dress

 Yesterday, I had an ice cream sandwich for lunch. Some rules are definitely made to be broken. Test your limits once in awhile.


 Back to Fall. And sweets. Love these Halloween-inspired chocolate waffle cookies.


Back to Zombies. Do your part, and I thank you kindly!

wash hands

Semantic Fields Forever

We all have a different and unique lens at which we look at the world. Our very own perception. This is why it is so important to not judge others. And to understand that how we see things may not always be how they actually are. Like Buddha says – Don’t believe everything you think!

But Mondays…I think most of us can agree about that.


Lightening things up a bit…Too Faced has come out with a new line of makeup containing cocoa. It’s totally insane, in a good way. Plus: can brighten up your face — even on a Monday morning.

chocolate soleil too faced

I am proud to say I have successfully added daily meditations to my existence. What a blessing and inner calm. You can find great guided ones just by typing in Deepak Chopra Guided Meditations on YouTube – shhhh! Cool stump avail. here! Doggy not for sale.


May you find sunshine in your life each and every day.

yellow sunrise


Eat. Less.

Blogging hiatus is over. Again. What have I learned in the last several months? That faith matters, ego doesn’t, and trusting in the infinite organizing power of the universe is the way. Also, I am about to bust wide open this billion dollar diet industry. JUST EAT LESS – if you desire to shed lbs. You don’t need hours on the treadmill. Or low carb. Or TRX. Or dare I say it … juice fasting!? Pick up a few weights to strengthen the muscles, and eat less.

You can still have whatever you want. If I ate these gooey raspberry nutella cakes for breakfast (thanks What Katie Ate!), I would just skip dinner. I swear it works.


Don’t forget to check in on the people in your life you care about. Nothing matters more than good friends and family.


Creativity also matters. Instead of doing what everyone else does…why not switch it up? Have a cereal and donut-themed birthday party or shower. Brilliant, Indigo Bunting.


Grateful. Find it in every day and every moment.



Say Anything

As long as you keep it positive, say something! Tell someone you love them, or their hair, or their shoes, or their smile. Give the gift of making someone feel good with your words. It doesn’t cost you anything.

**I love these colorful, beautiful prints from thewheatfield.**

By the way…you can definitely compliment me when you see me in my new overalls. I have been waiting ten years for these to come back.


I have a lot to say about avocados. Mainly that I am obsessed with them and eat them literally every day. Avocado toast  is my fave. Thank you Healthy. Happy. Life. for the recipe!

avo-pesto-toast 37

Finally, sweeten up the world with this jelly bean cake. Easter is coming! Thank you for reading. xo


Great Expectations

One thing I have learned is that expectations are kind of a bitch. Not having them is much smarter when it comes to friends, family, your job, or anything. If you lose the expectation — you will constantly be pleasantly surprised and not constantly disappointed.

Now, if you order something amazing online you can expect it to arrive in a timely fashion. Take these monogrammed necklaces I found on ETSY. So sweet, right? The perfect gift. I had to choose the Mary one in honor of my amazing little sis.

monogrammed necklaces

Another thing you can always expect is that Oscar sunday will happen, rain or shine. Absolutely love the idea of the popcorn cupcake from the always innovative A Beautiful Mess!

popcorn cupcakes

I like to share my fave things here, you can always expect that I guess too. :). I love to give succulents as gifts. It is the perfect present for the person who has everything. Now, the Knotty Bride takes the succulent to a whole new level for her wedding. Prince would be proud.


I try to think of everything that comes my way as a gift – sometimes in unusual wrapping – but there are always lessons to be learned and challenges that help us face fears or get to another level within. When all else fails … I always say grab a pal and go have a great slice of cake!


Silver and Gold

Ebony and ivory. Stripes and Plaids. Breakfast for dinner. I love putting two contrasting ideas or elements together for maximum, soul-inspiring enjoyment. I just saw a silver and gold Christmas tree display and it was completely stunning. I think it’s really important to mix things up and not follow the ‘rules’. Wear white pants for the holiday party (if you have to go to the party!). If it makes your soul happy, then go for it.

The girls behind A Beautiful Mess know exactly what I am talking about. LOVE their simple knot braid tutorial. Just really love the knot braid. and the red hair.

knot braid

Food is one of the best examples where you can be creative and mix it up. Who wouldn’t be happy to see these Pecan Pie egg rolls on the dessert table? Thank you Kristen Duke!


One thing you should not try and put together. Dogs and birds. AKA Dirds. Thanks to my friend Shaily for sharing with me. I am not sure whether to laugh or wince.

di8At the end of the day, I encourage everyone to be brave and live your life to the fullest. I am starting to really buy into the self-belief stuff. Oh yeah, and buy stuff on ETSY!



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