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Bold and Behold

I love when people get bold and just go for it. My version of that today is buying this orange-red lipstick, because I have been wearing the same nude shade for ten years. I recently got some fuchsia lipstick too, which my husband said made me look sort of clownish. But I am still getting this. Be bold!

Not quite as bold but definitely to behold are these cozy hemp sweaters from Anthro.

Party animals, they’re not just for the toy chest anymore. Love this idea. Party animals everywhere! On cakes! On tables!  With party hats!

Would anyone like some bold, flavored butter with that? We’re talking honey nut, citrus…this looks so yum.

And the Award Goes To…

Me, for not having to work awards shows anymore! I spent a decade in entertainment news working late into the night and back early the next morning. 6-day work weeks. Coordination hell. It was thankless, except for the Roscoe’s chicken and waffles lunches. Now, I’m just another innocent bystander, at home on the couch. LOVE it. Now, back to my awards blog.

The award for the cutest coffee-stealing poodle goes to…this little pup.

The award for best hair and stylists goes to Jennifer Lopez on American Idol. I don’t even know if I’d still be watching the show if her ass weren’t on it. Who the F* does her hair and how does it always look so perfect?

The award for best meal inside of a pineapple goes to this delish quinoa dish. MUST try!

The award for best sign goes to EASY. I like people who are easy to deal with and days that are easy breezy.

Happy Oscar weekend. If you need me, I’ll be on the couch.

You’re Under Arrest…

My dad used to love to tell random people they were under arrest … for having the cutest dog ever, or to waiters who brought us out too much food. He had a quirky sense of humor and usually people would look at him and I’d laugh – making sure they knew he was only joking. (Lighten up, people.) Anyways…

This hot fudge cream cheese cookie bar is under arrest for being way too mouthwatering. wow.

This book is under arrest for being way too important. everyone in the los angeles area needs to read it.

This photo is under arrest for being way too beautiful.

Free People, you are under arrest for making clothes I want to buy each week.

Gaga, you are under arrest for being too talented and amazing.

Finally, Maddie the coonhound dog is under arrest for being way too adorable – and balanced!

Love Life

It’s always a little easier to love life on TGIF. Much easier than Monday. Anyways, if you love life you are a lucky person. I am a very lucky girl.

I love beets and foods that make us feel better. They are great for you and a gorgeous color.

Love anyone who has the courage to acknowledge global warming - even if it’s a little ice cube. The planet is melting people, wake up.

Love pancakes more than any other breakfast treat. And just am so thankful for those who think up things like this brownie version.

Make sure you treat yourself this weekend with something you love – because life is short. Be happy now. xoxo

Totally ’80s

This is my 80th post! Love that decade – because you had Wham!, The Thompson Twins, Adam Ant, Aqua Net, jean vests, neon, perms and paint-splattered clothing. I was also in high school, not fully appreciating what a great and carefree time of life that really was.

Fortunately, jean jackets never go out of style, but I used to wear the jean vests like they were!

I am happy to report that instead of paint-splattered clothing, now it’s all about makeup. Interesting.

Do rainbows ever go out of style? Certainly not rainbow krispy treats.


Hope everyone is feeling the love today. Whether it is romantic or family or friendship – it is nice to appreciate those we share this most important bond with. I am not a fan of hearts typically, like no heart necklaces for me, but love these gloves.

Also loving these baked alaska cupcakes - they are on fire – literally. (You knew some sweets had to be included today!)

Love and relationships are the real treasures in our lives.

Last, but certainly not least, is the other lil luv in my life.

Brussel Sprouts are Good

But only if you season the hell out of them. That’s the tip of the day!

For dessert, have some strawberry heart oreos.

Maybe all of the sweets will make you innovative enough to dream up something like this iPhone charger. Amazing!

My motto for 2012 – and hopefully the next year. No more excuses!

Live Well

And eat something sweet, at least once a week! This is my favorite dessert in the whole world. With the vanilla bean ice cream – a crucial ingredient. and whipped cream.

Damn, why did I not see this pumpkin seed guacamole recipe before Super Bowl?

I just read an article about people close to death, and their regrets – one of them is just not allowing themselves to bask in their happiness enough. Be happy, spend time with friends, and don’t work so much people. Oh, and who gives a sh*t what others think you should be doing with your life?

Oh, and love an animal, or two, or more! and get them a plaid scarf while you’re at it!

My Valentines

I love finding cute cards and little gifties for my friends/hubby/family. Giving is so much better than receiving.

May the force be with you.

I’d feed my valentine this pizza in a jar. Lil Buss, that is.

The only time you will want to give your fingerprint.

Strawberry marshmallow dark chocolate hearts. Give. and then receive a few of these!


I’ve always been drawn to the gingham print – I don’t care how many times I have been told it looks like a picnic table. And guess what? it’s back this spring bitches!

You know what else doesn’t go out of style? CAKE. and Dexter. (P.S…this is the best “how to” i have seen for cake pops!)

 You can’t touch this: Natural beauty always reigns supreme. All the way from Kenya.

Stylish and way too fricking adorable: the skechers dog.

P.P.S. Happy birthday mom!


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